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When redoing my website, I was challenged by Dean, my son-in-law and enabler, to rather embroider the letters than make do with whatever font that was available. Of course, it had to be legible but it also had to showcase my love for embroidery. It felt a bit awkward showing off my name like that but, as I had chosen this as the name of my blog/website about 9 years ago, I had to go with it! Quite a few hours of work went into it – the layout had to be planned, as well as each stitch. Of course, there are the odd irregularities just to convince you that it was done by hand and not a machine.
But, the more fun exercise was embroidering a denim jacket for my new granddaughter. Isn’t it just marvellous what beautiful baby clothes are available?! Seeing that I wanted to give the little one a custom made (well, actually just custom embroidered) jacket, I bought one on the Next sale and got carried away! I know that security tags are necessary nowadays, but I stared in dismay at the yoke back – there was a hole in it! Nothing that a few embroidery stitches couldn’t fix, though. Imagine our dismay when we took the jacket out of the drawer and found that the little one was not all that little anymore! She was able to wear the jacket just a few times before it had to go back in the drawer – a memory of a granny’s dream garden for her little namesake.
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