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Mastering basic knife skills is one of the most essential parts of cooking, along with keeping your knives sharp. A sharp knife not only allows you to work faster, but safer. When your knife is blunt the amount of pressure needed to cut through food is much greater, one slip can result in a nasty injury.  See

Being a family of food lovers, we don’t just share recipes, but also share tips on knives – especially on sharpening them. We would also handle our knives with respect and teach the younger generation the basic knife skills. 

In the Bible in One Year app Nickie Gumble quotes Psalm 149:6b, which mentions God’s people having ‘a double-edged sword in their hands’ and reminds us that the weapon in the hands of every Christian is the double-edged sword of the word of God.

Of course, just like the necessity to not swing my quality chef’s knife around indiscriminately, but to get to know it, keeping it sharp and developing the skill to use it effectively, I have to get to know that “double-edged sword”. I have to study the Bible (the Word of God) in order to be able to use it effectively. Simply reading a portion of Scripture every now and then would not suffice. I have to spend time prayerfully studying the Bible, trusting God to show me how it pertains to my life, to my daily walk and talk. Memorising key verses, especially those that has shed light on my walk with God, is helpful when I come into situations where I can fall back on those truths, fending off the attack of my enemy (the devil) who wants to sow doubt and division – by quoting relevant Scripture the way Jesus did when tempted in the desert.

The Word of God indeed cuts deeply and accurately, penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12, NIV) In the process it reveals shortcomings and sin in my own life, and eventually in the lives of others as well. In this last case I have to be careful not to apply it irresponsibly, recklessly and indiscriminately, but give input in the life of others with loving kindness and godly wisdom.  

Nickie Gumble calls the responsibility to have this “sword” in my hand “an extraordinay gift, privilege and honour.”

This article is also available in Afrikaans here

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