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A year's worth of mini paintings Featured

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I started on my birthday, 9 February 2016, with a challenge to produce one miniature painting per day for a year...

Seeing that 2016 is a leap year, that means 366 mini paintings. The traditional miniature painting size is about 10x10cm, and portraits (that were very popular in Victorian times) 1/6 (one sixth) life-size. 

As the days went by, I ended up making all my paintings the size of a £1 coin. 

This pen and wash painting was my first go at it - while we were on holiday in the South African Bushveld - at the lovely lodge of dear friends Willem and Esthie Steyn.

I'm dreaming about an exhibition of all 366 paintings after 8 February 2017 - there will be a lot of framing to do!

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Alet Gardner

Hi there! I am an South African expat, living in the lovely Kent countryside in the UK.
I love everything meaningful and beautiful - so I try my hand at photography, painting, embroidery, needlework, cooking and writing.

My inspiration for all of this: the people that I love,
and the love that God has for me.

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