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Brilliant, beautiful, impressive, tasty, classy – and so easy to make! I’ve impressed many a guest with this treat – a very nice bite-sized snack while we’re waiting for the barbecue fare or even as part of a light lunch.

First of all, the must-have item in my fridge: readymade puff pastry. During my university studies in Home Economics, we had to make our own and I did do so for a few years afterwards. But, life is short and there are other things I haven’t accomplished yet – so I opt for the dependable store-bought version and hopefully have time for new ventures.

So, for that barbecue with very special guests, I used what I had on hand for the topping: a slice of shallot, a piece of goats’ milk cheese, a sliver of nectarine, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of Funky Ouma beetroot salt. Bake at 200C for 10-12 minutes till golden brown and enjoy!

The next round of guests was a very special younger couple (I only have special friends). I once again used what I had available: feta cheese for some and the lovely blue St Augur for the others, a sliver of the green fig preserves my clever husband had made, and spring onions for the blue cheese and a tiny sprig of rosemary for the feta. These were so good I nearly forgot to take a picture!
The third round for another very special couple: trusty puff pastry base with a slice of tomato and a cube of feta. Once again, I got so carried away with preparing and setting a festive table that I nearly forgot to take that picture to have evidence of a good time with an even younger couple. (See picture at top of blog.)
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