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For a few years now, I’ve been planning to honour the women who have played or are still playing a role in my journey of spiritual growth. The first few were not hard to choose as they guided or encouraged me on the first steps. Nowadays there are so many Christian friends who play a role in guiding and encouraging me, that I had to pick a few, knowing full well that I’m surely missing some.

I find the initial sketches the easiest – with no pressure to have it perfect, they are so light and free. But, now that I have planned to do a combined painting of about 16 women, I have, for instance, to think of the angle of the heads which isn’t there on my reference photographs. However, with the stylistic approach to icons, I have some artistic “freedom” which doesn’t feel all that free. But I really want to push through with this project.

So, wish me luck! Or rather, I’d appreciate some prayerful support.

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