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Rachel’s apron is choc-full of symbolism. Life is like a kaleidoscope of impressions, influences and responsibilities and it is only when God’s light shines into it that the beauty and sense of it all becomes visible. As I had made quite a few aprons for women I am blessed to know, each of them with challenges and achievements of her own, I had a stack of remnants of lovely fabric to choose from for this one. Not only can their stories encourage and bless Rachel on her life’s journey, but the symbolism of donning an apron like Jesus to serve others who are not necessarily all that deserving, is a reminder that in Him I can overcome my own shortcomings and reluctance to lovingly serve the way He did.

This young wife and mother of a princess and a heartful of bouncy boys serves the Lord by supporting her pastor-husband, tending her home, home-schooling during the pandemic and being an all-round inspiration to many younger (and older) women. Rachel, may our Lord embrace and empower you every step of the way!

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