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Rebecca’s apron is one of my favourites. Not just the lovely fabric that I used but what it is a symbol of in the life of a very special lady. All of my aprons remind us to follow the example of Jesus lovingly serving others while we are part of our heavenly Father’s royal priesthood. However, Rebecca’s apron also pictures a collection of funky shoes, reminding us to be willing to go out and share the gospel with others.

Rebecca has been supporting her pastoring husband for many years, prayed for him and their children, and has shared (and is still sharing) the Good News of hope in Jesus with many younger women. This apron celebrates the beauty of her loving service in the lives of others. 

This so reminds me of Susanna Wesley who was raising her 10 children in the early 18th century. She homeschooled them six days a week, and still found time to spend up to two hours a day having fellowship with God. She prayed and studied the Bible in her own little “tabernacle”, her long apron draped over her head to form a tent where her children and helpers knew not to disturb her. Here she would pray for her husband and children and discover the wonderful truths of the Bible. Small wonder that two of her sons, Charles and John, became world-renowned Christian leaders. What an inspiration to powerful living (grounded in meeting God behind an apron)!

The power of prayer is in the quiet trust of gentle souls who are willing to pull away from the everyday to commune with God. – Jackie Green and Lauren Green McAfee


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