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Stay-at-home mom

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Help!  I want to be more than I am right now, but how will I ever attain that?  I am tired of wondering and wondering and being on an emotional rollercoaster  I don’t want to just carry on with life – I want to LIVE!  How am I going to succeed in doing that?


- Stay-at-home mom



Dear S-a-h mom,

Having dreams is wonderful.  It will be helpful to keep in mind though, that life comes in seasons.   You can’t fit all the joys of all of life’s seasons into one season.  Do get yourself a pretty notebook to write down your bright dreams and stunning plans so that you can have it to hand when the next season arrives.  In the meantime enjoy the season you are in – this season passes so quickly and no amount of longing will bring it back again.  What you are doing right now for your family with small children has eternal value – don’t ever forget that!


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