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“Who is my God?” This isn’t a question one would normally ask of yourself when struggling with a worrisome situation or a deep disappointment.

One day, as I was nursing an upset because of some less sympathetic remark my dear gentleman husband had made, I sensed the Lord asking me: “Who is your God? Is it Me or is it Brink?” The same question could be asked in many an upsetting situation: “Who is your god? Is it your heavenly Father or is it your dad or your mother-in-law, your employer or neighbour or even the politician who is driving you up the wall?”

I have to decide: “Am I going to promote this person or situation to being god in my life? Or am I going to allow the Creator of the universe to be God of my life, Lord of my thoughts?” It’s only by doing this that I will be able to forgive, to love my neighbour as myself, and even tackle that difficult confrontation or challenge calmly.

Having had to cope during a pandemic, it so easily happens that the “spectre” of a giant problem keeps me awake at night. I allow myself to worry about financial challenges, a seriously ill family member, an unpleasant confrontation lying ahead. Once again, I have to remind myself who my God is. He is the One who has spread out countless galaxies; He is the One who cares for me. Then I can fall asleep with the trust, faith, love, patience and power He lovingly makes available to me.

When Paul tells us in: “Do not be anxious about anything …”, he also reminds us to centre our thoughts on “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable.” (Philippians 4:6–8 NIV) When I centre my thoughts on the problem (whether it be a person or a situation), I effectively make it a false god, an idol. This battle I’m facing is being waged in my mind, where I have to capture every anxious or troubled thought and place it under the authority of Jesus – He is, after all, vastly bigger and more powerful that any problem, whether it be a situation or a person. He is my Lord and my God.

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