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What to do with those leftover BBQ steaks?

I used two leftover steaks that were medium done, had been in the freezer, and were looking dreary.

It doesn’t matter exactly how much of the rest you add – it’s all a matter of taste.  I had butternut and fresh pineapple available and did the ‘Ready, steady, cook’ thing.

Cut steaks into strips

Cut half a medium-sized butternut into batons

Cut one third of a  medium-sized pineapple into batons

Chop one or two garlic cloves

Chop or grate a 2 cm piece of fresh ginger (or use ±2ml ground ginger if you don’t have fresh)

Sauté butternut in 15-30 ml olive oil for 5 minutes

Add pineapple, ginger and garlic and sauté for another 5 minutes, add 5 ml soft brown sugar

Keep on one side, while you lightly fry the steak strips in a hot saucepan or char grill pan.

Add steak strips to the rest of the ingredients and add to taste:  Salt and freshly ground black pepper, chutney.  I even added a large dollop of leftover lamb gravy.

Serve with mashed potato or even with a nice crusty bread or rolls.

Mashed potato:

Peel and boil one or more large floury potatoes in a little water, adding salt and white pepper to taste, and a bay leaf a la The Feast Fairy (

Add 75-100 ml milk per large potato and at least 2ml wholegrain mustard, and mash.

My secret ingredient is a nice dollop of good mayonnaise ( like Hellmann’s) mixed into the mashed potatoes.

To serve: dish up on plates using serving rings, sprinkle chopped spring onions and basil over it.  Serve with the steak strips.

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